All ingredients are organic




€10 Tuscan Panzanellavegano

€12 Toasted bread with potato soufflé vegetariano

with gratin asparagus tips and sweet Tuscan pecorino cheese

€16.50 Smoked sword fish carpaccio

with a salad of arugula, orange and pink pepper

€24 Red shrimps

with asparagus tips, lemon zest and cream of buffalo mozzarella

€13 Bresaola dumplings

filled with stracchino cheese, green peas and fresh basil julienne

€13 Millefoglie with goat mozzarella, slided dehydrated Parma ham, mango and asparagus cream


First Courses

€13.50 Vegetarian lasagnevegetariano

with green peas, asparagus tips, spinach, ricotta and smoked provola cheese

€16 Risotto with asparagus tips, strawberries and taleggio cheesevegetariano

€16.50 Gnocchetti sardi with striped prawn, pepper fillets, gorgonzola cheese and fresh basil

€17 Scialatielli (homemade pasta) with octopus chops, potatoes and basil pesto sauce

€14 Green Nori algae fettuccine with crunchy speck, asparagus, green peas, mixed vegetables and turmeric

€13.50 Small potato gnocchi with beef ragù flavored with fresh herbs and ginger


Main dishes

€12.50 Asparagus and potato pievegetariano

on gorgonzola cheese fondue

€14 Sicilian Caponata (eggplant and vegetable dish) in a nest of P.D.O. Grana Padano cheesevegetariano

€18 Crunchy red mullet

with potato purée, taggiasca olives and capers

€25 Seared tuna fish

with passion fruit sauce, caramel and Ciprus salt

€24 Beef fillet on asparagus sauce

€27 Grilled Entrecote with Ciprus salt and extra virgin olive oil smoked with beech

(About 360g/380g)


€5.50 Steamed vegetablesvegano

€5.50 Grilled vegetablesvegano

€5.50 Herbs flavored potatoesvegano

€6.50 Sauted bell peppers with olives and capers

€6.50 Potato puréevegano

€6.50 Steamed asparagusvegano

€5.50 Mixed green saladvegano

The Unmissables

€11.50 Spaghettoni with Piennolo cherry tomatoes of Vesuvius PDO vegano

seasoned with extra virgin olive oil PDO Colline Salernitane and fresh basil leaves

€13 Norma style pennette vegetariano

with S. Marzano tomatoes of Agro Sarnese – Nocerino PDO, “pecora nera a latte crudo” goat cheese, and Parmigiano

€13 Paccheri allo scarpariello vegetariano

with confit cherry tomatoes from Sicily, “Raw Black Sheep milk cheese”, extra virgin olive oil PDO “Colline salernitane”, Parmigiano Reggiano aged 24 months and fresh basil leaves

€10.50 Eggplants parmigianavegetariano

€10 Soup with cereals and pulsesvegano

an ancient recipe from Tuscan culinary tradition

Raw food

€16.50 Beef tartare

with mustard, extra virgin olive oil and shaves of Grana Padano cheese

€16.50 Aromatic beef tartare

flavoured with thymus, marjoram, herbs, crunchy carrots, chopped pistachio and extra virgin olive oil

€19 Chopped tuna fish

with mint, beetroot brunoise, fresh ginger and PDO extra virgin olive oil Colline Salernitane

€18 Sea bass tartare

with crunchy vegetables, “taggiasche” olives and wasabi flavored pumpkin cream

The children menu has been studied to offer a complete meal by choosing from different choices among children’s most favorite plates

Inizia a scrivere o digita / per scegliere un blocco

€22 First course + Second course + Side dish

€18 First or Second course with a side dish + dessert

Here below the dishes you can choose from

First courses

Pasta with butter and Parmigiano Reggiano cheesevegetariano

Pasta with tomato saucevegano

Meat stuffed tortellini with a sauce of San Marzano tomatoes 


Main courses

Grilled beef medallions

Grilled sea bass fillet

Grilled chicken breast


to be chosen from the main menu


to be chosen from the main menu


Desserts and Fruit

€5 Fresh fruit salad

€5.50 Pineapple

€7 Cheesecake with Italian cheeses and hazelnut biscuits, served with wild berries coulis and fresh blueberries

€7 Tiramisù

€7 Red fruits tart

€7 Caprese

€7 Stawberry mousse with matcha filling

€7 Sacher

€7 Chocolate, raspberries and pistachio

cocoa sablé, pistachio cream, raspberry gelly and 60% dark chocolate mousse

€7 Ensolarado

classic Sablé, coconut, white chocolate mousse, lime, maracuja cream

€7 La veganavegano

cocoa and walnut base with coffee ganache

€6.50 Sorbet to be chosen from: lemon, strawberry, passion fruit and mango

€2.50 Cover