LUNCH: from 12 pm to 3 pm – DINNER: from 7 pm to 11 pm

Enjoy our 100% organic meals when you are comfy at home, and choose from our menu that pleases to everyone’s palate.

Now, organic ingredients and organic packaging, too! All containers are 100% biodegradable.






€9 Zucchini and ginger velouté vegano

with croutons

€12 Wholewheat bread bruschetta

with a cream of eggplants, anchovies, celery, cherry tomatoes and greek feta

€16.50 Smoked sword fish carpaccio

with spinach julienne and fresh fig coulis

€12 Eggplant rolls filled vegano

with chickpea cream and covered with San Marzano tomato sauce

€12.50 Melon

with wild arugula, cured ham and chili pepper flavored honey

First courses

€13 Vegetarian Lasagne vegetariano

with fiordilatte cheese, radicchio, taleggio cheese, toasted pine nuts and sultanas

€16.50 Saffron risotto with lemoin zest and fresh Apulian Stracciatella cheese vegetariano

€14 Handmade Tortelloni vegetariano

filled with caprino cheese, lemon and a light cheese sauce, arugula and goji berries

€13 Gnocchetti sardi with crunchy speck, potato cream and red endive

€17 Calamarata (a shape of pasta) with pistachio cream and striped prawns

Main courses

€12.50 Spinach and potato flan vegetariano

covered with taleggio cheese cream

€24 Mediterranean style beef fillet

with caper sauce, lemon juice and black pepper

€19 Crunchy octopus

with zucchini spaghetti and red turnip sauce flavored with citrus

€13.50 Roastbeef

with basil green mayonnaise, goji berries and toasted pine nuts

€15 Grilled salmon slice

with smoked salt and extra virgin olive oil

The unmissables

€11 Spaghettoni with Piennolo cherry tomatoes of Vesuvius PDO seasoned with extra virgin olive oil PDO Colline Salernitane and fresh basil leaves vegano

€10 Parmigiana di melanzane vegetariano

sliced eggplants with tomato and cheese

€12.50 Paccheri allo scarpariello vegetariano

with confit cherry tomatoes from Sicily, “Raw Black Sheep milk cheese”, extra virgin olive oil PDO “Colline salernitane”, Parmigiano Reggiano aged 24 months and fresh basil leaves

€9.50 Soup with cereals and pulses vegano

an ancient recipe from Tuscan culinary tradition

Salads & BIOBOUL

€13.50 Cous cous

with salmon, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and mint flavored with lemon

€13 Pearled speltvegetariano

with crunchy vegetables, cherry tomato confit and shaves of Sweet Pecorino Maschio cheese

€12 Beetroot, spinach, Grana Padano PDO cheese, sunflower seeds and AranciOlio vegetariano

Raw food

€16 Mediterranean style beef tartare

cut by knife with olives, capers, oregano, celery, parsley, chopped hazelnuts, crunchy carrots, sweet and sour sauce and extra virgin olive oil Colline Salernitane PDO

€17 Sea bass tartare

with melon, crunchy lemon zest, mint, pink pepper and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Colline Salernitane PDO

For the smalls ones

€7.50 Pasta with butter and Parmigiano Reggiano PDO or with tomato sauce vegetariano

€9 Meat tortellini with butter and Parmigiano Reggiano or with tomato sauce

€12 Grilled beef fillet hamburger

€10.50 Grilled chicken breast

€12 Breaded sea bass fillet

€2.50 Side dish to be chosen from the main menu


€5 Steamed vegetables vegano

€5 Grilled vegetables vegano

€6.50 Sauted bell peppers with olives, capers and oregano vegano

€6.50 Potato puree vegetariano

€5 Baked potatoes vegano

€6 Mixed green saladvegano


€5.50 Panfocacciavegano

with oregano and extra virgin olive oil

€9.50 Her Majesty “Margherita”  vegetariano

with San Marzano tomatoes, fiordilatte cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano PDO 24 months, extra virgin olive oil Colline Salernitane PDO, basil

€8 Marinara vegano

with strained San Marzano tomatoes, oregano, garlic, extra virgin olive oil

€11.50 Devil

with San Marzano tomato puree, fiordilatte cheese, Napoli-style salami, fresh basil, chilly pepper, extra virgin olive oil

€13 Peperoni vegetariano

with bell peppers velouté, fiordilatte cheese, stracchino cheese, cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil

€14 Toscana

with cherry tomatoes from Sicily, buffalo mozzarella cheese from Campania PDO, dry-cured ham with pepper from Tuscany, spinach julienne, lemon zest, extra virgin olive oil Colline Salernitane PDO

€13.50 Fior di fico

with fiordilatte cheese, crunchy speck, figs, drops of balsamic glaze, extra virgin olive oil

€15 Tartufata vegetariano

with fiordilatte cheese, potato flakes, rosemary, fine black truffle, extra virgin olive oil PDO

€13 Camone sardo vegetariano

with fiordilatte cheese, Sardinian, Camone tomato medallions, Stracciatella cheese, basil and extra virgin olive oil Colline Salernitane PDO

€12.50 Barbabietola vegano

with mint flavored eggplant cream, yellow “datterini” tomatoes, arugula, toasted almonds and LimonOlio (infusion of fresh lemons in extra virgin olive oil)

€13.50 Fiorita

with pumpkin flowers, red cherry tomatoes from Sicily, fiordilatte cheese, anchovies in oil, ricotta cream, extra virgin olive oil of Colline Salernitane PDO

Sweets & Fruits

€4.50 Fresh fruit salad

€5 Fresh cantaloupe, ananas or watermelon

€6.50 Chocolate mousse with fresh raspberries

€6.50 Homemade custard with blueberries

€6.50 Chocolate or pistachio semifreddo

€6 Chocolate cake with melon and ginger

€7 Cheesecake made with Italian cheeses and hazelnut biscuits with wild berries coulis and fresh blueberry

€7 Tiramisù

€6.50 Sorbetto to be chosen from lemon, strawberry, passion fruit or mango

€8.50 Two flavors sorbetto